F&R Case Study- Brand Management- Relaunch of a business

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"I know I am always trumping on about how much I value your efforts but I can't say enough of a thank you for helping me turn the business from average to one that I am really proud of and is now growing even more in 2021."
Fiona, F&R Boutique Owner
Fiona approached us in the summer of 2019 to help her store with a re brand and general re vamp of her business. Her website was dated, her branding and logo were dated and her sales were suffering as a result. She was reliant on her loyal customer base without attracting any new ones to grow her business. She needed to upscale and modernise her business for the digitial world as well as for the in store shopping experience. F&R shopping experience was also quite tricky as not only did Fiona sell pre loved goods but also had a gift business selling popular brands. 
I sat down with Fiona and we went back to basics. I learnt about her past business and what her future business vision was. From this we created the building blocks of how to begin the process of building a brand that Fiona's loyal customer base would still love, but would also attract a new following.
In short, these steps were:
  • To build a new Branding Package that would portray the business well across all digital platforms but also work well in store
  • Once the branding was approved, then move to the execution of this branding across social channels, instore branding, window display and all stationery
  • Website build using Shopify as a platform- 2 websites were built for different end uses
  • Sales Analysis to ensure Fiona was buying into the products and ranges that customers wanted to shop
  • Review of Instore Layout- where were the best selling lines situated in the store? What was the experience like for the customer when they entered the store?
  • Social Media Strategy was built including the addition of a Facebook Group and Facebook and Instagram shops were built
  • To simplify the marketing message of pre loved items alongside popular branded gifts- we split out the social channels and websites to create defined shopping experiences
  • Events Calendar was defined to promote the re launch of the all new brand and various shopping events
  • Marketing Calender planned to ensure marketing was proactive and not reactive
  • Paid Online Marketing was set up to drive sales to new audiences

Business Results ¦ Small Business Support Hertfordshire

F&R Boutique and F& R Preloved were re launched in September 2019 to celebrate Fiona's 10th Anniversary.
Fiona has experienced record sales since her re brand.
Covid 19 hit and closed her brick and mortar store March 2020. However, with Fiona's ambition to be part of the digitial world her sales continued to perform and today not only her store and online business are thriving.
End March 2020 LFL Sales + 20% vLY
End March 2021 (note brick and mortar store only open for 5 months of this trading year) sales down by 10% overall v LY (But still +10% to pre re launch sales)
**Purely driven by the new online sales so without this it would have been zero.
Sales to date for End March 2022 Sales already level to LY with 5 months trading to go. Watch this space for this record breaking figure later!
Each month in 2021 so far has had a PB for sales for that month v past same months in a different year.
 October 2021 has seen a record PB for the shop in sales taken since the business opened 11 years ago! 
F&R Boutique | Brand Management | BB Group Business Consultancy
F&R Boutique | Brand Management | BB Group Business ConsultancyF&R Boutique | Brand Management | BB Group Business ConsultancyF&R Boutique | Brand Management | BB Group Business Consultancy
F&R Boutique | Brand Management | BB Group Business Consultancy