Proenza Jewellery Case Study- Empowering the client to manage their own business

"Being the owner of a small business and with very limited knowledge of essential marketing tools, I found BB Group an indispensable partner when I decided to relaunch my business. Julie and the team are knowledgeable , patient and genuinely want my business to succeed. I would recommend BB Group to any business owner in a heartbeat. "
Silvia Hernandez
Silvia approached us in the Spring of 2021. Whilst she had a website already created and live and had a social media presence, she did not feel that her existing marketing team were meeting or understanding of her needs or business vision. Her website, whilst functional looked dated and despite having cost a lot to develop- Silvia had limited access to the website herself so costs were high to make amends as the developer needed to be paid for each and every amend. Retail is a forever changing envrionment- the existing way the business was being managed was not sustainable for long term growth. Next we realised there was a missing link. Due to the complex nature of the existing website, we were unable to build the facebook and instagram shop to link products to on the website so had to use URLs in captions in stead which from a retail point of view is not as professional as links direct to the shop on an image.
I sat down with  Silvia to understand what is she really wanted. We established first she wanted a coherent Social Media strategy that would play into her customer mindset and that ultimately Silvia would be able to take control of herself.  Next we would have to build a new website for Silvia on the Shopify platform which would work well and easily for her business model and integrate in the way needed to support her business with Social Media. Ultimately Silvia wanted to have control of and manage all of these business tools herself.
The steps taken were:
  • To build a Social Media Strategy with customer at the forefront of this
  • To implement the Social Strategy across Facebook and Instagram
  • Implement a website build using Shopify as the platform
  • Integrate the new website with her social channels to therefore build the Facebook Shop and Instagram Shop
  • Set up Facebook Marketing as an added extra (ensuring that Facebook Business Manager was correctly set up for all future purposes for Silvia to manage herself)
  • Deliver 121 training on how to manage the website and Facebook Business Manager 
  • Deliver Paid Online Marketing to drive sales to new audiences

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In short Silvia regained back full control of her business. After we delivered her 121 training which took place over zoom and in person, she was able to fully navigate the background of her own website and make all amends needed according to either new product launches or her marketing calender. She was able to fully navigate also Facebook Business Manager and whilst she preferred to leave the advertising to us as it is specialist- she had full access to review the work at any time. 

It was so rewarding to be able to ensure that Silvia was not dependent on any individual or company to manage her own business. We continue to support Silvia on an adhoc basis but for the most part she has full control of the reins herself!

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